Taking a Tour of Canada

Canada – my preferred home country. Canada is the 2nd biggest country on the planet and its measurements are truly huge, it spans almost 7700 km from east to west. Nearly 90% of its population congregate within 100 km of the US border. Canada’s climate can be a little harsh in the winter, but the summers are inclined to be hot and extreme. Officially Canada is a bilingual country with Quebec being the middle of all francophone life. Canada’s indigenous cultures have left an imprint all across the nation.

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Its landscapes are Extremely varied, from rocky shores and steep cliffs that fall down to the ocean in the Maritime provinces, to the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec, to the rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield with its thousands of lakes in Ontario (such as Algonquin Park), by the infinite horizon and the crisp blue skies of the Prairie provinces, into the mountainous charm of the Alberta and British Columbia, to the wilderness of this Canada’s northern territories, Canada is composed of diverse landscapes.

To a Lot of people, Canada is Called the great land of Wilderness, and there’s surely a good deal of that. Hikers, canoeists, campers, hunters, hunters and outdoorsy folks all have a great time . With its oceans, lakes and rivers Canada is also a mecca for water sports fanatics. Skiers will love find opportunities in the Eastern part of Canada, especially in Quebec, also in the West, in places like Whistler, Banff, and Lake Louise, just to mention a couple. But Canada has much more to offer: its cities are filled with culture and complex recreational opportunities, from museums to theaters to fine dining and shopping.

One Of my favourite parts about Canada is its varied population. Cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are places where immigrants from all over the world have congregated and brought with them their lifestyles, traditions and cuisines.

Quebec City Back into the 1600s. Montreal has a Distinctive European flair with its outside Cafes and street life. Ottawa is the seat of Canada’s authorities and also in The winter the Rideau Canal turns into Canada’s biggest outdoor skating rink. Toronto is home to people from more than 100 cultures and can be a Multicultural mosaic with its varied neighbourhoods and festivals. Vancouver has one of the most stunning sites, being situated right on the Interesting cities to see, Calgary, Victoria, Ottawa, Halifax, Charlottetown, Moncton, Niagara Falls and many more.

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