crostini- fig and prosciutto

20 Aug

A few weeks ago, Cdog hosted her annual summer shin-dig and asked us all to bring a dish to share. Stud Muffin and I took a book from our Bacon and Beer Festival and well, ripped off my cousin and used her recipe, with a twist. This blog post is for her, since she was gone all summer (in The Hague) and now she is back and I am so excited! So no more waiting…

Here is what we did:

We figged the bread, with awesome fig spread from the local grocery store…



We sliced the¬†prosciutto…


we then crumbled the gorgonzola cheese and placed on top….



and then we stuck it in the oven on 350-degrees and let it hang out for a while (about 15 minutes)…

and ta-da! it was the perfect mix of sweet and savory and awesomesauce. And the perfect summer two bite-sized snack!

Thank you to Cdog and Love Muffin for hosting a great party! Thank you for stashing some food for us :) and sorry for being a party pooper and getting a headache!

Thanks to Beth (the cousin) for planting the fig and bacon/prosciutto seed! I am so excited you are back from you summer adventure!

-kteb out

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