Bar after bar

Comfort drink and eat

It’s doing your own body no good

feel better

Why everyone wants to make themselves feel better?

There are and must be several reasons for the above, from the person who has been bullied who wants to make themselves feel better To the person who is obese in the first case and meals is their only friend. To the man or woman who’s bored and has nothing better to do. It has and continues to be a vicious circle.

Climbing reasons

Among those climbing reasons I’d imagine for this growing problem is that the pressures of work now. When it’s the individual in work eating any snack going because […]

Comfort Eating And Drinking

Dipping into a different bag

Or the individual left home fed up of waiting home independently so is dipping into a different bag of crisps because they’re mad and washing it down with […]

Not need to rock the boat

We believe both sides are and I think it goes on and on since as an employee I would say your hands are tied, so you need your […]

Comfort Eating And Drinking

Why is it that we comfort drink and eat, let us face it people have been doing it for years? What causes us people, to perform it? After all most of us are of reasonable intelligence. Knowing that scoffing bag after bag of crisps or bar after bar of chocolate is not the healthiest of items to do. Not only are you currently really doing your own body no good, you will probably put on weight. Yet still, it moves on. It could cause you to feel good for a short time, however, the morning after I do not think so. To make things worse to incorporate to comfort eating we’re now comfort drinking. Visa for Sri Lanka Together they make a lethal concoction. After all, we all know that drinking makes us more prone to getting through even more munchies. lee mas

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